Lessons Learned

This project was very multidimensional and allowed me to apply multiple theories. It allowed me to apply the theories we learned in class into the research for the project. At times I was using different theories without even knowing. Since my project focused on the influence of social media on the music industry I focused…Read more Lessons Learned


Media Analysis #1

Recently over break I attended a concert of one of my favorite bands, The 1975. I have always been the type of person who is passionate about music, but especially live music. So whenever I get the chance to go to a concert I try to enjoy every second of it. One of the main…Read more Media Analysis #1

Daily Quest #8

My questions stem from Nancy Baym's statement in her article that "online platforms and locales have become increasingly specialized in the functions they serve for fans". First, what are different examples of platforms that are "specialized in functions they serve for fans", now? Second, since there has been an emergence in youtube, vine and musical.ly…Read more Daily Quest #8