In class we discussed in depth, to what degree this film was real, but there is really no right answer. Guillermo Del Toro ends the film with two endings, which allows the viewer to choose the ending he or she prefers. Providing alternate endings further allows the fantastic element to be prominent in the film by adding a feeling of uncertainty.  But, throughout the film Del Toro utilizes color to distinguish reality from fantasy. What I mean by this is that the hues of the scenes are different. For example, scenes with the captain or Ofelia’s mother have a bluer tinge. On the other hand scenes where Ofelia is faced with fantastic elements, for example retrieving the dagger and escaping from the pale man, are in a red-ish tinge. Even though there is a clear distinction between reality and fantasy in terms of the color scheme of the film, some scenes that have the blue tinge still contain fantastic characters. In the end it is up to the viewer to choose whether to believe in fairy tales.


4 thoughts on “Pan’s Labyrinth

  1. Your analysis of the contrasting colors in the film is really interesting since I never noticed that element before. Also, I agree with your comment about the ambiguity of the ending adding to the mysteriousness of the film as a whole!


  2. I didn’t really make a distinction between the difference in colour schemes as we were watching the film but as I read your post, I realized that colour played a huge part in differentiating the fantasy world and the real world. I believe that Guillermo used cool colours to highlight the harsh reality that Ofelia was facing while using warm colours to highlight the fantasy world that served as her coping mechanism.


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