Daily Quest #3

“Rather that students are for the large part unreflective about the way they use these network technologies, and what is more are unreflective about the ways in which their use (or our use) has already been historically determined and shaped, an unreflective response which gives up power and control over to these systems.”

This quote is from David Parry’s post called Not So New. This sentence caught my eye because I would like to know what the difference would be if students were reflective about the way they use technology?  Also what is Parry’s opinion about all this power being given unconsciously “over to these systems”?


One thought on “Daily Quest #3

  1. Two good questions. Count it. To the first, I *think* Parry would argue that reflection allows analysis and critique, which can lead to deeper understanding, which can lead to creative solutions to problems we didn’t even necessarily know we had. (Maybe that’s me putting words in his mouth, but that’s what *my* response to the question would be. And why I’m offering this course. 🙂 To the second, I think he probably agrees generally with Doug Rushkoff: “Program or Be Programmed.” Every aspect of our lives that we don’t actively think about and engage is an opportunity for someone else to control us.


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