Daily Quest #4

In the Dead Media Archive, under Broadcasting: A Case Study in the Death of Liveness, it states that “from the dawn of radio through the early days of television, liveness was considered a marker of quality”. So what I’d like to know is if we still use liveness as a “marker of quality”? I know that towards the end of the article it states that liveness as we once knew it has changed, but in terms of the different types of programs and events, do we still hold some at a higher standard because of their “liveness”? Is it because we associate them with the highbrow culture?


One thought on “Daily Quest #4

  1. This is a great question (I wish you had raised it in class yesterday! 🙂 Count it. And I’m not sure it has an easy answer. But if we think about how we tend to talk about *comparisons* of versions of the same event, one brought to us live (like the Oscars or a Cowboys game or a live news broadcast), versus the same event recorded, I think we do still have this vestige of the live version being more “valuable” or higher “quality” in some way. But it’s hard to define. We should keep thinking about this issue as we move into digital networked media next week. (And you should raise it again!)


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