PoNM: Numerical Representation and Modularity

Numerical Representation: Barcodes are a good example nowadays of adding numerical representation to various items. The majority of items sold have barcodes that are determined by their uses and manufacturer.



Modularity: A cellphone is a media example that can broken down into multiple parts. You can either break it down by the technology that allows the phone to function or simply the applications that personalize the phone.




3 thoughts on “PoNM: Numerical Representation and Modularity

  1. I believe the example of the barcode in numerical representation would also be an example of the variability principle. Monarch states that variability is a new media object (such as a Web site) and is not something fixed once and for all but can exist in different (potentially infinite) versions. Even though barcodes aren’t necessarily a new media object, there isn’t just one set of the same barcode on every item. In fact, not one item has the same barcode order. There are an infinite number of possibilities for a different number set for each and every barcode.


    • Good point. Barcodes can be used to link physical things to information about them in a variety of different ways, none of which have anything to do with the nature of the barcode itself.


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