Daily Quest #5

In Holmes’s post, she states that surrender “is the realization that you do not have time for everything” and McNeil in her post discusses the accountability about accepting the acceptance of beauty being defined a certain way. My question deals with both of these pieces. Can peoples’ acceptance of a stereotypical bias questions, like beauty, be an acceptance or a surrender to the fact that they do not have the time to explore the different dimensions of beauty?  And since they are accepting those ideas, does that bring into account culling?


One thought on “Daily Quest #5

  1. There is a really intriguing insight behind this question. Count it. Implied here is an attempt to understand the prejudicial nature of things like Google search algorithms without excusing them: that what ends up being represented in a form we read as racism might be tied to an even more generalizable desire not to have to (or maybe it’s want to?) know about everything. I wonder what each of these authors – Holmes and McNeil – would have to say about this to each other? There’s a fascinating text response in this question, perhaps even an end-of-semester project.


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