Daily Quest #6

My question deals with both Boyd’s and Gillmor’s articles. Boyd states in her article that “profiles provide an opportunity to craft the intended expression through language, imagery and media”, the intended expression being their identity. And Gillmor states that “anonymity is enshrined in our culture” meaning that it is accepted or seen as a norm. Therefore, can someone forge a profile while maintaining their anonymity? Also can anyone actually truly be themselves on social media if they are for example constrained by what others might say?


One thought on “Daily Quest #6

  1. Intriguing questions. Count it (them). The response to the first question is probably yes, a profile is just a set of information about a person, so one could create a profile of a person who does not exist. Arguably this is what authors do for their characters when they write stories. The second question is harder, and boyd and Gillmor likely would have different answers to this question. Gillmor wants us to think about how anonymity can potentially hard journalism, so for him, we need to largely eliminate it if we want to be certain some information is true. For boyd, the issues are different, so she might argue that anonymity can have its value for individuals depending on the social context in which they communicate and interact. But we should talk about this more tomorrow in class if we can.


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