Text Response Week #6 (Edited)

I find it really fascinating how the Internet has changed over time especially in terms of the amount of people that can be reached and the influence it has allowed others to have. Benkler’s article discusses how “economic, social and cultural adaptations…make the information environment we occupy”(Benkler). Throughout the article he further emphasizes how we as “individuals, citizens, and members of cultural and social groups” have impacted technology especially in terms of our communication and culture (Benkler).

An example I’d like to discuss that has swept social media, are “social media models” . Who I would classify as a social media model would be someone who posts pictures to get the most likes and garner more attention. They’re goal is to achieve the right amount of attention that in the end will benefit them from minimal initial efforts. Okwodu in her piece, Will Social Media Ruin Modelingdescribes these models as apart of”Insta-girl squad—[owing] a large degree of their fame to their enormous social-media followings”. She states that “it (social media) offers models the chance to become personalities, instead of mere clothes hangers, while simultaneously providing fans and brands with a direct connection”. Therefore, not only are they changing the modeling culture, but they are doing it in a way that is reaching a large audience. Okwodu’s piece also goes hand in hand with Benkler’s argument because it provides concrete examples about how social media has impacted the modeling industry with the introduction of social media models. Two models she specifically references are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. She argues that “there is no direct correlation between being able to take a good selfie and being able to deliver in front of the camera”, but now due to the cultural impact the internet, specifically social media, has had on the modeling industry “the focus shifted from the quality of a model’s work to their ability to produce likes, clicks, and online buzz”. She further goes on to discuss the importance of social media nowadays within the modeling industry, by stating that if you’re not actively involved with it “you run the risk of becoming invisible”. In the end social media has altered the modeling industry by changing its norms and culture, but instead of simply making models numbers it (social media) “should open the door for a variety of talents”.




6 thoughts on “Text Response Week #6 (Edited)

      • OK, a good start here, with a clear example and a solid point drawn from Benkler. However: a lot about the example of Alvarez and Ren is not clear: are they indeed a couple? Or were they? Did they indeed break up? What was the stated cause of this breakup? And how did their use of Instagram affect their followers’ sense of “beauty and expectations”? There are just a number of claims that appear to be entirely opinion (which, admittedly, is common in regard to gossip-related topics such as this), whereas the reader will need much more background on this issue to support the conclusions you draw here. Work on developing your sources for this example so it’s more clear to the reader how it serves as an example of Benkler’s argument.


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