Daily Quest #7

Honan states that “the things we read and watch have become hyper-niche and cater to our specific interests”. And Morgan  argues that his facebook “feed has relaxed and become more conversational”, in result from his deterrence from using the like button. Maybe I don’t completely understand since I haven’t done the experiment myself, but if you aren’t liking new things isn’t your facebook feed simply going to be filled with topics or things you previously liked? Therefore aren’t our feeds still a “niche” of our specific interests even if we choose not to like things? I agree that the things we like add unnecessary clutter to our feed, but I think both Honan and Morgan are looking at it from extreme point of views. Are all the things that come up form our likes really that bad? 



One thought on “Daily Quest #7

  1. These are intriguing questions. Count it. Regarding the specifics of how the feed works, it is my understanding that you get a mixture of things related to what you’ve liked in the past, and things your friends have liked or posted. So the point of both pieces seems to be that you will see more things from your friends and less from things related to you. And yes, they are both taking it to an extreme: often, we can see a critique best when it is applied that way.


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