Project Proposal

Description: Our project will take us through an investigation on how fans and viewers’ interaction with media texts has evolved. We will take a look at interactions prior and post new media. As well as look at how this way of thinking may have influenced different things in the world.

Contributors: Ashlee Villasenor and Bryce Brakebill

 Why others will be interested: It will bring allow people to gain more insight on how new media has impacted fan and viewer interaction. As well as show the negatives and positives of this.

Materials: We will use videos and text to support our argument. Both of these will be distributed throughout a blog to make it more interactive to the audience. Also may use interviews from people who are fans of different media types and ages to see how they celebrate their favorite forms of media.

Resources: A blog dedicated to this project. Camera (in case we want to add personal accounts of how fans interact now). Testimonies, online sources, different reading materials.


We agree to…

·       Collaboratively work on the project

·       Evenly divide the work

·       Openly communicate

·       Work respectably with the deadlines

  •  Design Doc: Nov. 3
  •   Showcase: Nov. 29

·       Use academic integrity to complete this project

·       Not hate each other by the end of this

·       Try to be nice

·       Respect the syllabus

·       And the brilliant professor Boessen



One thought on “Project Proposal

  1. My brilliance is certainly open for debate, but this project topic is an excellent one and wide open in terms of available resources (both online and in the form of people you can find who want to talk about their fandom). In fact, as presented here, one looming question I have is how you will focus it down from “how fans and viewers’ interaction with media texts has evolved,” which is insanely broad, to something more manageable for the two of you before the end of the semester. Are there specific areas/genres of fandom you’re interested in, or specific approaches? Maybe a focus on a specific form of fan activity, like making videos, or fanfic, or fan songs? Even a focus on a specific fan community, such as fans of Sherlock Holmes or of Harry Potter, will produce a wealth of resources for you to sift through. One nice aspect is that there are two of you sharing the load, so you can take on twice as much as one of you would alone. But still, this topic needs some serious focus.

    The idea of using a blog as a sort of home base for the project is a good one: some of my other students have used websites for their projects with some success. For example:
    These were higher level projects, but you can get an idea of what you might attempt for this project.

    But you need to decide fairly early whether or not you’ll include direct interviews in this project or not. A positive of that method would be the ability to hear actual fans responding to questions you have crafted, but the downside is the significant amount of time and energy you would have to devote to doing it, plus some non-obvious pitfalls like the potential for terrible audio quality and the importance of asking the right questions. It’s not a “check-the-box” kind of activity; it really requires a considerable amount of planning and quality execution to be fruitful.


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