Daily Quest #9

Kelly states that “not every artist is cut out, or willing, to be a nurturer of fans. Many musicians just want to play music, or photographers just want to shoot, or painters paint, and they temperamentally don’t want to deal with fans, especially True Fans.” She also states that when artist aren’t cut out to deal with their fans they have mediators do it for them. I was a little confused because she states that they can still aim for 1,000 fans, but wouldn’t it make sense for their “true fans” count to go up? To make myself clearer, my question is since there are more people involved in the artist’s career shouldn’t their true fans goal be higher because they have more people depending on the artist?


3 thoughts on “Daily Quest #9

  1. Re: the first question, this is not a question that the piece, or direct analysis or interpretation of the piece, can answer. Is there a way to ask this question differently so that is the case?

    Re: the second, what do you mean there?


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