Daily Question #10

Jarvis states that we “have the tools (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…) to create and join publics, establishing our own identities and societies. I see that as a purer form of the public, built not around the interests of the powerful but instead around our own interests, desires, and needs.”

Since Jarvis states public progression  “as the process of modernization” are we headed towards a modern society more controlled by the public?


Broader questions about the implications:

I agree him when he says we have more control about the public, but couldn’t it just be that the “powerful” are simply giving us what we want? Would you consider that as us having more influence or those who control the public sphere as simply appeasing us? And do you think we aren’t looked at as “faceless poll numbers and anonymous demographics” anymore?)


3 thoughts on “Daily Question #10

  1. This is another really interesting question, but I want to clarify that these questions should ones whose answers we could at least find a tentative answer to *in the article itself*. These questions are about the broader implication of the line in question, but there’s little way to answer them by looking at the article more closely.


      • OK, again, better. Count it. I imagine Jarvis would argue that we are indeed moving toward a society more controlled by the public, but he sees that future public in a much different light than it has been understood in the past. Look at his closing lines: he’s arguing for a new way of thinking about the very idea of a “public,” one that is more rooted in individuals pursuing their own interests but in aggregated groups.


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