About My Media History

Looking back at my childhood media was a big part of it. I use to watch Disney movies on repeat, watch cable shows like Dragon Tales as well as Nick shows like the Rugrats. Not only did the consume a lot of television, but I loved playing on my gameboy or nintendo ds.  I think I was younger I was more of analog person, but overtime I grew more attached to digital things. I credit it to the fact that I was growing up at the same rate technology was advancing. Nowadays I love watching films, I really enjoy watching independent films. I find it exciting to watch a film that isn’t well known or had horrible reviews. I also use social media a lot, but I am not an avid poster or as interactive like other people I know. Even though I watch a lot of films and use social media everyday, music surpasses both of them. There is not a free moment that I am not listening to music. I was interested in taking this course because I thought it would provide me with further insight on the “newer” types of media. I think this class will help me later on in life because I want to work with media, so I want to be as educated as possible.