Project Proposal

Description: Our project will take us through an investigation on how fans and viewers’ interaction with media texts has evolved. We will take a look at interactions prior and post new media. As well as look at how this way of thinking may have influenced different things in the world. Contributors: Ashlee Villasenor and Bryce…Read more Project Proposal


Text Response Week #7 (Edited)

This past week we discussed identity in terms of the Internet. We started off the week by answering in a private reflection questions about who we thought we were. I remember finding it very difficult for me to come up with answers to all these questions because I don’t know who I am and I…Read more Text Response Week #7 (Edited)

Daily Quest #7

Honan states that "the things we read and watch have become hyper-niche and cater to our specific interests". And Morgan  argues that his facebook "feed has relaxed and become more conversational", in result from his deterrence from using the like button. Maybe I don't completely understand since I haven't done the experiment myself, but if you aren't…Read more Daily Quest #7

Text Response Week #6 (Edited)

I find it really fascinating how the Internet has changed over time especially in terms of the amount of people that can be reached and the influence it has allowed others to have. Benkler’s article discusses how “economic, social and cultural adaptations…make the information environment we occupy”(Benkler). Throughout the article he further emphasizes how we…Read more Text Response Week #6 (Edited)

Daily Quest #6

My question deals with both Boyd's and Gillmor's articles. Boyd states in her article that "profiles provide an opportunity to craft the intended expression through language, imagery and media", the intended expression being their identity. And Gillmor states that "anonymity is enshrined in our culture" meaning that it is accepted or seen as a norm.…Read more Daily Quest #6

Daily Quest #5

In Holmes's post, she states that surrender "is the realization that you do not have time for everything" and McNeil in her post discusses the accountability about accepting the acceptance of beauty being defined a certain way. My question deals with both of these pieces. Can peoples' acceptance of a stereotypical bias questions, like beauty, be…Read more Daily Quest #5

PoNM: Numerical Representation and Modularity

Numerical Representation: Barcodes are a good example nowadays of adding numerical representation to various items. The majority of items sold have barcodes that are determined by their uses and manufacturer. Modularity: A cellphone is a media example that can broken down into multiple parts. You can either break it down by the technology that allows the phone…Read more PoNM: Numerical Representation and Modularity