Student Pings


I agree with your thoughts on how the Internet promotes mediocrity, especially in terms of youtubers and social media stars. Because like you said the audience are the ones who are giving these individuals their credibility simply by watching, commenting or liking their content. The fact that these social media stars can achieve things like write a book, star and produce films really lower the standard of these other mediums because they lack the experience and credibility of those who have already been contributing to that medium. I also think that these new types of “celebrities” could later on be accepted as normal, because they will simply be seen as a part of the norm. Do I think it’s a good thing? Yes and no because I feel like its stripping away from the standard of the other mediums, but it is allowing “normal” people to contribute in mediums they wouldn’t always have an opportunity.


When I think of impression management, celebrities are the first thing that come to mind. They are individuals that are always in the limelight and are always being criticized. Therefore, they have to carefully shape everything they share on social media. So I feel like it is difficult for fans or viewers to completely understand how and who celebrities are, because there is so much of an emphasis on their image.


I really liked how you brought in multiple articles to support your argument. The article that really resonated with me was the Tardancio piece because I do think that it is not the same thing to be face to face with someone or simply exchange messages with the use of new media. Since you agreed with the article by saying that “we can hide what we really mean” through for example messages, do you think it (new media) is creating a generation that doesn’t know how to convey how they feel and/or resist confrontation?


You never really stated what your thoughts were on this new type of “hanging out”, so I’d like to pose it to you. Do you think this new type of “hanging out” is bad for our generation and/or the younger generations? And while we’re on the topic of younger generations do you think they will be impacted differently compared to our generation because in a way we grew up while technology was advancing, while on the other hand this younger hand never knew technology prior to these “smartphones”?


In response to your question I think Rushkoff is warning us, while at the same time expecting that our lives have already been infiltrated by software. So I don’t think he’s stating that our social interactions, for example, while be overrun by software, but that it has already happened. Therefore, we don’t necessarily need to reverse it, but not see it as a norm.


I agree with your argument about the internet being a human right, but I want to ask you what you think are some of the bad things that come from the use of internet in our society? I feel like we can tie this into anonymity because yes it promotes freedom, but can the possibility of anonymity affect an individual’s freedom?


In regards to your question I think social media has made it easy for people to acquire “fans” more easily. Whether they are “true fans” you can only know after a longer period of time. Your example can be compared to different individuals that have garnered attention from a simple post or picture, like Alex from Target or the Pakistani tea vendor. I think that it is possible for individuals who suddenly attain a following, have the opportunity to make these fans into “true fans” through the actions they take after attaining their little bit of fame.


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